May 23/08

For yesterday…

I know I’m thoroughly enjoying myself because I’m completely, and I mean COMPLETELY losing track of days here. On Wednesday, I thought it was Tuesday. Came back from lunch to find April online and was surprised to see her, because Tuesday is not her regular day. After a period of thinking very hard, I realized it was NOT Tuesday at all! Halfway through class yesterday I was noting that the kids had only played with the toys cars — thus, it would be an easy clean-up day. Then I was informed that it was actually Friday, and we would be washing all the toys anyway. Huh?? Friday?!?!?! Yep. Obviously enjoying life here!

A small blessing I am thankful for: I slept like a rock Thursday night, in spite of some bad dreams, and slept all the way through till my alarm went off. That was sooo nice! I don’t sleep very soundly without someone else in the room (I miss my roommate!), and I’ve been waking up at about 6ish every morning. Hey! Somebody tell my body it’s allowed another hour of sleep still, please!

Practiced piano last night … went for a very energetic walk/run in the bush … worried Mrs. G and Carrie’s dad — they saw me take off and decided it looked like I was either majorly guilty of something, or running away! It made me laugh when I got back. And feel special, because I know they care. Sang around the fire for a while last night too (thoroughly mixed up all the verses of “I’ll Fly Away” but hey, at least we’re all very sure of the fact that we’re headed “to a land where joys shall never end”!) … watched others play the Farming Game in the other lodge … gave strategy tips as Mrs. G’s personal adviser … looked at her kids’ wedding pictures online … talked late into the night…

This MDP world feels so distant from my eastern and home lives. It’s like I’m caught halfway between both and I’m circling in a holding pattern, detached from life. Like time has been frozen and life put on hold for these weeks.


3 thoughts on “May 23/08

  1. You watch your words, buddy! Do NOT make me pull out your true name on here, Dyson, OR make me pull out your middle name!

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