This is why MDP weekends are fantastic, Miss Joy!

A large chunk of my afternoon was spent on the floor in Mrs. G’s room, talking and taking out my braids. That process took 1/3 of the time it took to put them IN! Yikes. I decided I like the no-fuss part of having them in (HUGE bonus when working with the kids), but I missed looking like me. I need hair around my face.

Mr. G adopted us on the MK team and my brother and one other MDP girl as his kids. He decided he got a good deal because all the other parents here have to deal with diapers, tell their kids when to go to bed, get their food, etc, but he doesn’t!

Played a new game this evening. It was CRAZY!!! One of those games in which you’re not allowed to smile or laugh when the game is in session. [insert shudder] I still vividly remember playing “Honey, if you love me will you please please smile?” at camp. I lost. Majorly. Every time. Tonight was no exception! I called “play out of order!!” (to pause the game and get rid of my smiles and giggles) so many times they threatened a new rule that you could only do that once every 5 minutes. But it wasn’t fair!!! They knew which buttons were a sure-fire way to make me smile or laugh, and they used them! Cheaters… 😉

Then we played doubles Dutch Blitz. More fun! Moved downstairs to contain our noise a little so as to not disturb the sleeping kids (or kids who were trying to sleep in spite of all our commotion) . The boys (Andrew and Mr. N) were determined to win and prove that boys are not slower than girls. Mr. G brought out his water gun and took up his post on the couch with his eyes shut. Then he went for his rubber band gun. By 11 PM, after we finished 2 games, life in the G’s apartment had degenerated into a rubber band / water war with Mr. G still holding his post on the couch, Mr. N and I hiding behind the door, and Miss Joy and Andrew ducking behind Mrs. G, hoping Mr. G would have the sense not to shoot his wife. That’s when I zipped out for a goodnight hug and dashed out the door. Time for bed!

If laughter is good medicine and good exercise, then I am officially a VERY healthy person now!

Miss Joy is not happy about being stuck here for the weekend instead of being able to go home. Well, I love weekends here! Even more than I liked weekends at school…and that’s saying a LOT!


3 thoughts on “This is why MDP weekends are fantastic, Miss Joy!

  1. Maybe (But Probably not) you’ll be better at that not smiling game someday. I can just picture (Probably not what actually happened) you sitting in one spot like a statue and little kids climbing all over you, tickling you. 🙂

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