I think they’re tampering with our food

I think they must put an addictive substance in the food here or something. Maybe the G’s have secret reasons for feeding us those pizza pops at MK meetings, and froggies at staff meetings??? I came here the first year because Mrs. Steele had broached the idea of me coming because THEY would be here. Although we both laughingly dismissed it at first, I realized later that it could be a job I might enjoy. After much thought, many emails, and with great trepidation, I’ll admit, I came.

The MK Ministry Team was talking about me coming back for 2008 by my 2nd week here. I decided (inside my little pea-brain; NEVER would have said such a thing out loud) that they were crazy. Come back!??! The Steeles wouldn’t be here! Why on earth would I come back and thus spend even MORE time away from home in my already-too-short summer?!

Haha. Rrrright!

Yeah, well, by the time I left, the place and the people were in my heart and I loved it here (except for the fact that after 10 months, I was thoroughly homesick) . Coming back was an option, though I had no clue what this spring would hold. If I was placed on a music team, I’d go on tour after school, and that would knock out MDP.

I did NOT get put on a music team at school. I nearly went balistic with excitement when I saw the list and my name was NOT on it! “I’m going to MDP!!!!!” Promptly hunted down the “contract” (I forget if it was for 20, 30, or 40 years) Mrs. G had jokingly written up for me in spring, made a few changes to it (like changing it to 1 year!), hunted down red ink for the circle that said, “place blood here” and mailed it off. And happily anticipated spring!

Now I’m back. Loving it. And the “addictive substance in food” thought stemmed from the realization this afternoon of how badly I very much DO want to come back next year. Except it’s really not looking possible, logistially. God? Would You mind tipping Your hand a little early, and showing me Your cards for next spring already? Or at least this fall’s cards, so I could attempt to plan and change things accordingly??! Oh, right — it’s YOUR job to plan and direct, and my job to follow… Sometimes, that can be real tough. I don’t particularly like unknowns all that much.


One thought on “I think they’re tampering with our food

  1. I found the contract yesterday, while looking for the “woo-woo” instructions. Did you know that the date you wrote down was October 9, 2009?????? hmmm…. gives one something to think about…. 🙂

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