My latest title: “nmk”

I did something today that I haven’t done for maaaany moons.  I picked a bouquet of dandelions.  They looked so beautiful — patches of sunshine in the grass that’s barely turned green.  Now I have a bright bouquet of sunshine on my desk.  Dandelions really are pretty.  We just classify them as a weed and thus annoying and ugly.  I’ve heard they are in North America because someone was moving across the ocean and wanted to bring their favorite flower with them.  The dandelions loved the climate and took off, becoming weeds.  [disclaimer:  Just ’cause I heard it doesn’t mean it’s true.  But it could be.  Who really knows?!]

Phrases I’ve been hearing a LOT lately — to the point where I can predict where they’re going to enter the conversation!!
When Andrew and I are scrapping, it’s “nmk — not my kid!” (seem to hear that one a LOT!)
When something goes wrong, it’s “nmf — not my fault!”
When some kid is screaming, it’s “nmp — not my problem!”
When something isn’t up her alley, it’s “nmt — not my thing!”
All of the above are direct quotes from Mrs. G!  She says tonight, “What would you do without us here to provide fodder (haha — fodder!!!) for your blog?!?  Hmm.  Yeah, this would probably be pretty dead, except for the kids!

Speaking of which…I am moving up in the world!  Instead of being a pronounced a big crunch today, I was now pronounced a big boat!  Not sure which is better 😕  And then later, James says, “You’re a big James!”  Hmm, I’m not sure which is worse — being a Mrs. Crunch, or a Big James!

One of my very special Steeles started a blog…I’m off to check it out before I head to bed early.

Oh, hey, we had an MK meeting today.  Loved it.  We stayed on track very well, I thought!  (well, except for the marker incidents!)  I don’t really enjoy the beginning of getting into discussions that make the wheels in my head turn (I tend to be lazy that way — not a good thing) but once we’re in the middle, I enjoy it.  I like the feeling of being stretched…testing new ideas…analyzing.  Definitely don’t say much, but I’m listening and absorbing and formulating in the safety of my brain.


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