Upside down

Life is ridonculous.  Up!  Down!  Twist!  Hang on for the curve!  Where are we going?  Oh, look, we’re back to square one!  Make a plan.  Change the plan!  Oh, hey, just for the fun of it, let’s change it again!

A lot of life was upside down today.  Classes were backwards due to a visiting teacher’s schedule, so we had kids in the late afternoon and evening.  Some of the MK workers had to leave early for the weekend, so we had a staff shift (Mr. G, I’m glad you survived the evening — the kids enjoyed you!  I hope they didn’t hurt you too badly and Mrs. G will still let you come back to visit us!).  Due to rides home for the weekend, etc, we washed toys till about 10:30 at night, instead of tomorrow morning.  I may or may not be going home for the week.  Who knows?  Who knows if I’ll work when I get home — I called my boss already that I couldn’t make it because of car trouble.  Now maybe I can…if the car works and takes me all the way home…who really knows?!  Definitely not me!


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