A trip

Pulled out of MPD around 1ish this afternoon. Turned around and went back for my sunglasses. Then back again to ask my brother how to make his discman play. Yes, it was a simple solution. Yes, I should have known it. But no, I didn’t. But it was kind of a good thing, because as I pulled out for the second time, a staff couple drove out just ahead of me, on their way to town. NICE! It was reassuring to start my trip in tow with them, even if it wasn’t planned. (well, maybe God planned that part!) I was dead and bound and determined to keep up to them for as long as possible. It poured cats and dogs and elephants and giraffes periodically on the gravel stretch, and at some points it was raining so hard I couldn’t even see. But managed to keep up, and stuck on their tail for the hour or two it took to get to town. I was rather possessive of that “second in line” spot, I guess. Any vehicle that got between us was promptly passed! My spot! Move aside, buddy!

I stopped only 2 times for non-car-related stuff. Kept stopping to feed the car gas to make it to the next place, which would have cheaper gas. The further west I came, the cheaper it got. I LIKE that! With the aid of a printed map, a written-out-by-brother map, and a visual/mental map in my head, I made it all the way home without getting lost. Thought I was at one point, when the highway suddenly went to gravel. “HEY!!! Where am I?! This is supposed to be highway! What’s going on?” Decided not to be like man-like so stopped and went back to the last house I passed, which was only a minute back. There was a nice old man fixing a car in the yard, so I asked him where I was and he said I was right on track. Whew! Then he proceeded to tell me all the directions from that point on, and all the directions for the road I’d already come on, and the car he was fixing, and how much he got it for, and that it was a cop car before, and about the dog his daughter gave him, and his 3 other vehicles……… You get the point! He was a nice guy, though. Nice, and harmless. Bonus points there.

Home. It’s good to be in my province. Am I just biased, or is it actually greener and fuller and more beautiful here?! Yeah, probably biased… It’s good to be home in my house with my family. I am looking forward to sleeping in my bed tonight! It’s awfully quiet in the room below mine, though…how am I supposed to go to sleep with complete total silence, and no voices rumbling away down there, to put me to sleep?!?!


3 thoughts on “A trip

  1. LOL (I seriously did laugh out loud) when I read about your conversation with the old man. that’s awesome. have fun at home.

  2. We could send a tape recording with you… along with that tainted MDP food… so you can sleep at night.

    Just think of all the new things you learned yesterday from talking to that old man… 🙂

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