Keeping up the tradition…

Forgot one thing from yesterday!  I stopped in the first town to gas up, and went into get myself something to drink.  In typical Lois fashion, I was craving buttermilk.  So I bought a carton.  (It’s a family thing — we used to buy the cartons of Lucerne buttermilk, stick straws in, and that was our treat.  Till Lucerne prices jumped real high.)  Then, in typical family fashion, I proceeded to rack my brain and try to remember if there were straws in the car from the last time we had buttermilk.  In typical family fashion, I couldn’t remember.  In typical family fashion, I decided to buy a pack anyway.

Only, this incident was different from typical family fashion when I got to the car — there were no straws there already!!  YES!!!  I was right!  This pack of straws will NOT be going into the pantry with all our other extra packs!


One thought on “Keeping up the tradition…

  1. I’m sorry! I failed the family tradition by not having a pack of straws in the car already. I sincerely, humbly, and deeply apologize from the very deep depths of the bottom of my heart for my insensitivity to the cultural traditions of our familial background.

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