Dangerous people in mini-vans

For some strange reason I find myself loving dandelions this year.  It’s quite strange.  Maybe it’s part of my loving-summer-because-winter-was-sooooooo-long thing, and I’m longing for flowers to come out in abundance, only….the only flowers out, as of yet, are dandelions, therefore I love them?!  I’m not sure.  But today was a happy day!  I found a lilac bush on campus that is actually blooming ahead of all the rest!  I am one HAPPY girl!  I was so hoping for a few bouquets of lilacs before going back to MDP.

The highlight of my day was most definitely talking to my adopted little French sister online today!!!  I was so happy when “Eva has signed in” popped up in the corner of my screen.  I love MSN!  It was good to talk to her.  I miss her 😦

I make a terrible chaser-downer.  A student driver car passed me as I was leaving town.  HEY!  We have a shortage of those around here, and I think my little brother is wanting one!  So I wheeled the car around and raced back into town.  Ah HA!  I could see it up ahead of me.  Waaaay ahead of me.  But HA, it got stopped by a red light. I gave an evil laugh and eased up on the gas pedal a little.  The light turned green, and it crossed the intersection as I was approaching.  Then the light turned red.  HEY!!!  You can turn red to stop him, but not me, ya hear?!  Oh, wait, lights don’t have ears.  ANYWAY … Changed plans and made a quick right hand turn.  He can take main street, and I’ll take the back streets.  Met up with main street again, just in time to see him turn off on a side road.  Turned down the same road.  Ha!  Just me and him.  I was on his bumper in seconds.  But … slight problem … the phone number I need is on the side of his car.  And I can’t read that from behind him.  And I can’t pass him, ’cause we’re in town.  He decided to turn right, as I was contemplating this dilemma.  Ah HA!  I’ll pull up beside him and turn left!  (is that legal?  hope it is, ’cause I did it)  Got the number as we each turned our opposite directions.  Only…now I was heading out the wrong end of town.  Did another U-turn.  Ooops.  I was on his tail again!  I wonder if he’s getting nervous with me tailing him like this?  Probably not.  I don’t think dangerous people generally drive mini-vans!


3 thoughts on “Dangerous people in mini-vans

  1. I love lilacs, too… we’re hoping to find some at Hannah’s house this week!

    Did you learn that evil laugh from me? – or Mr. G? If it’s Mr. G – I won’t feel so guilty…

    Love ya! Miss ya! Hurry back!

  2. A student driver? Lois, you didn’t. I saw a student driver yesterday driving too, and I know the student driver. Does that make you scared? Don’t know love evil laughs when you’re chasing someone? I know from experience. I bet the teacher in that student driver car probably would of failed you for sure! (Just kidding)

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