Slow days and anti virus annoyances

Work was REAAAALY slow again today.  Oh well.  We still had some fun!  Made fries when I came home.  Practiced piano.  Packed.  Talked to my big brother and other friends who phoned tonight.  Picked one last bouquet of lilacs to enjoy.  I head out to see my very favoritest Steeles tomorrow!  The little bit I saw them at Conference was just not enough!

In other news today, I downloaded a new anti virus thing tonight and in spite of me specifically checking the “do NOT install a toolbar” it did.  I am NOT impressed at all!!!  I need a brother to figure out how to take it off…

Mrs. G, I’ll phone MDP before I leave Steele’s so you guys know what time you should start to worry if I’m still not there.  If the phones aren’t working, I’ll send you an email, or get Mrs. Steele to phone after I’m on my way.

AhHA!!!  Figured out how to take the toolbar off alllll by mine own self.  I am happy!  I have accomplished today!  (yes, I am technologically-challenged, therefore taking it off WAS a feat…for me!)


One thought on “Slow days and anti virus annoyances

  1. Thanks for caring about if we should “worry” 🙂 Maybe we’re just excited to see you again, and can’t wait until you come!

    I need help to get the extra tool bar off my computer, too!

    Enjoy your stay with some of our favorite people, too! Give them our love and greetings (if you take time to read this before you come “home.”

    Miss you! Come soon! 🙂

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