A Steele visit

Ahhhh…I enjoyed my weekend a lot!  However, I decided that I like driving by myself for about two hours…then it’s just boring!

Thoroughly enjoyed visiting my favoritest Steeles.
–Saw their new home…wow, such a lot of work they’ve done on it!
–laughed at the kids splashing and playing in the water every afternoon
–enjoyed the brief talks with Mrs. Steele
–got caught up on all the stories and news from Miss Steele (the oldest Steele, who will now just be Miss Steele instead of Steele #1)
–got smiley faces painted on my toenails, with a glow-in-the-dark coating
–attempted to paint Brianne’s nails, with her wiggling, and her brothers bouncing up and down on the couch watching and asking questions and giving advice
–had my hair pulled too many times to count
–walked the entire length of their town.  The population increased by 6% when they moved there, if that tells you anything of the size of the town (or the size of family?!)
–had my Brianne-hugs reservoir filled (though there’s still definitely room for more when they come visit!)
–played games with the boys and made up the rules (the rulebook looked waaaay too thick and complicated to bother reading)
–gained the affections of the littlest Steele…poor little girl was sick and miserable all the first day.  Mr. Steele prayed for her in the night, and then she slept all the way through the rest of the night, and was improving the next day…thank-You, God!
–LAUGHED when I opened their fridge and found the top shelf full of jugs of milk and cartons of buttermilk.  That looks like my family’s fridge!  What is going on here?!  Brianne drinks buttermilk because she knows Lois does.  Whoa.  That kind of influence scares me.  I had better be careful how I live my life.
–picked glass and glass and glass and more glass out of their backyard, when we were cleaning it up
–laughed at funny accidental puns.  Miss Steele, annoyed with the bugs while we were working outside, growled, at one point, “You bug me one more time, and I’ll kill you!”  Then we burst out laughing.  Not sure which one of the 2,496 bugs she was talking to, but whatever!

P.S. — For any Steeles who are reading this, the person who did NOT come and rescue me like they were SUPPOSED to left you a comment on our special post.  And everybody out here REALLY wants you to come!


2 thoughts on “A Steele visit

  1. There was a lot more than 2,496 bugs out there. more like 2,496,000! Anyway, I was talking to aaaallll of them! And I did carry out that threat. I killed over 10 bugs in the short time that I was awake after you left!

    P.S. Last night was the 5th night that I have not turned off the light till after 11pm!

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