Pictures…worth a thousand words, and hold a thousand memories!

Today was a good day.  Better than yesterday, come to think of it.  In the 4 hours we had the kids yesterday morning, I was climbed on, crawled on, sat on, laid on, jumped on, slobbered on, drooled on, killed (numerous times) buried in pillows, tied up with a lacy shawl, and…that’s all I can think of at the moment.  I carried dead children (there is an explanation for the deadness, on our part and the kids, really, there is, I promise, and it’s not a scary horrible thing, honest), gave running piggy-back rides, spins, airplane rides…it was an exhausting morning, yesterday!  Fun, but wow…it’s a good thing I’m young!

Took pictures today.  The ones of our MK ministry team turned out JUST like us.  The nice, proper, good front (MKs, lol!) and then …. well, let’s just call it the OTHER side!  I love my MDP life!

(I am debating the pros and cons of posting pictures on a blog where the entire world has access if the entire world so desires.  After I debate pros and cons long enough, I may start posting pictures…I don’t know…I’m thinking!)


One thought on “Pictures…worth a thousand words, and hold a thousand memories!

  1. I’d love to understand the explanation for the “deadness” thing… really… 🙂 especially if parents begin to ask….

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