Deadness explanation to come…

No post tonight. I was working on a “deadness” post, but it’s really quite complicated to remember all the many details of how one dies and comes to life 15+ times a day. I’m going to have to take notes tomorrow. And then I was called away in the middle of it, and have come back late. Nevertheless, I quite enjoyed my evening.  🙂  It was filled with fun and laughter and talking. And laughing. And did I mention MUCH laughing? I live with crazy people here. Who do crazy things. Who make me laugh.

I re-sealed my window this evening, with all-new duct tape. It took a while, but there won’t be any mosquitoes coming in tonight! However, there is one in my room already– he was bugging me while I was working, but managed to avoid capture. I’m sure he’ll turn up at about 4:30 AM! 😡

It’s late. Goodnight!


2 thoughts on “Deadness explanation to come…

  1. I have 2 extra mosquitoes down here… I think they’re “Christian” bugs… I could send them up to you if you’d like…

    Good night!

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