We come back for the froggies


I just fainted. My brother commented???! My little big brother?!! The one who says blogs are a ridiculous waste of time? I feel another heart tremor coming on…. (Just had to make sure you felt noticed, little brother!)

Today was a good day. Cleaned up the classroom after dinner (involves washing/bleaching all the toys, wiping down the tables, chairs, books, bookshelf, baby gates, shaking out the blanket, vacuuming, etc) Mr. N and I had a discussion on why we come back to MDP. It really doesn’t make sense at all, logistically. Especially for me next year! Yet here I am, frying my brain, trying to figure out a way to come back. And this is his umpteenth year (ok, so maybe not quite, but he and Miss T and Miss Joy have been here quite a few years) and it really doesn’t make all that much sense for him either. Yet…we’re pulled back. And we love it here. Even on the days that it’s hard, though this year has seemed to be exceptionally easy. Mrs. G says we come back because we love her, and we like the froggies we get in staff meeting. Only other people enjoy froggies more than I do, so there’s no point wasting them on me ( 😉 ) so I get peppermints instead! I think we’ve been eating the food here for too long and the addictive substance in it is permanently in our system!

Ended the day by playing a game (which we all disagree on about the name) till 12:30. By the time we called it quits for the day, I’d been called “Pumpkin” (Mr. N, next time the kids kill you, I’M helping, and you’re gonna regret it), Mrs. G had been called her entire full name by Mr. G (this is quite typical), Hobbs had given Mr. N a goodnight hug, and Mrs. G dutifully gave Hobbs a hug also, my charming brother and Miss Joy had argued about which Bible schools are better, (egocentrism regarding Bible schools — only they didn’t use that word), and all kinds of other things, which I shall not record lest certain people kill me tomorrow.

Ahh…I love life here! I’m going to bed. Goodnight!

Oh — one normal thing we did tonight was talk about how the present MK Ministry Team came to be, and the chaos the first year the G’s were in charge. Wow. 14 in the 2 and under class is insane! It was interesting. I like hearing old MDP stories.

[note to certain people: Stay off my Facebook, and behave yourself!]


3 thoughts on “We come back for the froggies

  1. YOU may call me Madame President! 🙂 and you are…. .?

    By the way – you know what we said after you all left for upstairs?

    We sure love our “kids” – ummm “team…” ummmm “adults!”

  2. Hey, I check your blog regularly. But it’s because I know you. I still think it’s crazy when certain people *ahem* go read about some stranger’s life on a blog somewhere every day 😉

  3. I can understand coming back every year. It has nothing to do with the pay. It has everything to do with having fun, the G’s, others in the MK ministry team (comradrie, understanding, backgrounds), with the more relaxed pace after Bible school, with making this time an enjoyable experience for little MK’s, and with helping new missionaries be able to attend and concentrate in the workshops. The mental, emotional and spiritual rewards far outweigh the temporal, monetary or physical rewards.

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