MDP bonds

A quote (not mine) from doing inventory and packing the craft room today:  “The MK in me is stronger than the C, in that area!”  I love MDP camaraderie.  Laughing over what makes us different from so many people, but so much like each other in many ways.  Discovering things in our lives that are the result of our background.  (“What!?!?  You do that too?!”) Andrew was right (in his comment on the froggie post).  Coming back here has nothing to do with the pay.  But everything to do with the people (who but Mr. G would block my path to the phone, requiring me to back up, take a run at him, and cannonball into his back 4 times before my brother comes to the rescue?!), the shared understanding with those with similar backgrounds, having a heart for these kids who will grow up in a similar way…

MDP is amazing.


One thought on “MDP bonds

  1. MDP IS amazing! Like I said, my life gets considerably more boring after I leave here. We all probably couldn’t handle 365 days a year of this type of life… which probably makes it so much more special.

    I am feeling like I’m grasping to save each extra hour we have together… Friday (for the rest of the team) and Saturday (you and Andrew) are coming WAY too fast!

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