Inventory & good-byes

Attempting to do inventory sheets…asking Mr. N questions for things I don’t know…  “Mr. N, how many kids scissors do we have?”  “Oodles.”  (this is an extremely typical answer from him — I need specifics, and he doesn’t give them!!  So my response was “Well how many is ‘OODLES’?!?!?!”  Mrs. G taught me to how to get a proper answer from an “I” personality.  Ask, “Well, if we have OODLES of kids, like 20 kids, some year, will your scissors outnumber our kids?”

At one point this afternoon, Mr. N said, “I’m concerned for my dignity….”  I looked up in shock.  “Your DIGNITY?!?!!  After dying 60 times a day, what fragment of dignity could you possibly have LEFT?!?”

MDP is over.  My team is gone.  My bosses are here.  Some of my kids are gone.  One leaves REAL early tomorrow.  Once again, pieces of my heart go with them.  This was a rough year for good-byes.


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