We DO follow through!

Umm…so I made a threat today.  And since I keep hearing that Andrew & I never follow through on our threats (and thus they hold no water), I am following through.  Just to prove a point.

“MK meeting today.  The conversation was all over the map, as usual.  Some of the discussion struck a little too close to home this time…the result tonight has been some major brain work, no answers, and a roaring headache.

“The G’s neighbor came over and accused us of too much hilarity!  Yeah, well, that’s half the fun of our meetings!  As usual, our meeting began with much laughter…and degenerated into much laughter at the end.  I won’t describe it too much, other than to say that I took a few pictures, was shot with a water gun as a result (by a normally non-violent person I thought I could TRUST), the gun was then handed to Miss Joy, who shot water all over the place (I think generally in the direction of my brother), and then to Mr. G, who was then attacked by my brother, and both of them and the rug and the room were rather wet by the time that scuffle was over.  There were yells of, “Don’t shoot!!  I have a camera/computer/ important papers!!”  Tea towels were pulled into the fight (as whips), as well as pop cans (empty ones, don’t worry), and doors were used as shields (who cares if the mosquitoes are coming in?  I need protection!!)  Strangely enough, only one rubber band was fired…quite unusual!”

Ahh, MK meetings…again, definitely one of MDP’s highlights.  I will miss those nights of fun, laughter, craziness, and dead serious talks (though getting all of us dead serious at the same time was a rare thing!).


One thought on “We DO follow through!

  1. do you really want to start it?

    YOU shot first! yes – with the camera!

    love ya! and yes- I forgive you… 🙂 hmmm – there’s certainly food for thought about being the first to forgive, eh? 🙂

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