3 days…

The last 3 days have been full of waaaay too many good-byes for my liking.  Somehow, the MDP kids this year weaseled their way into my heart and firmly attached themselves.  Now I get to deal with the aftermath, which ain’t fun this year!  Last year was different, for various reasons…one being that I went home in the same van as 75% of my class!  Said good-bye to Mr. & Mrs. G…they went south, we went north.  Now I’m home, and supposed to go to sleep, but man, it’s awfully quiet below me.  Stopped to visit the Steeles, and said good-bye to them at 6 this morning.  Once again, fragments of my heart are left behind…or traveling across the continent with these very dear MDP friends.

But, the happy things — got home in time for church!!  Surprised people.  Fun!  It was good to be back in our little informal church.  I love the interaction between the people in the congregation and the pulpit…I love the laughter, and the care…I love the people.  I love my church!  And now I’m back for the rest of the summer!

It’s good to be home, together again with family.  Our whole family.  That is getting more and more rare.  It’s good to see friends again.

I miss MDP and MDPers like CRAZY.  But I like my home and my family 🙂


One thought on “3 days…

  1. I’m missing you, too – and the other MDPers. It seems we leave a little more of ourselves in Canada every year…

    Love being home, too – Akyrie has grown! and is very interactive! She remembered me – especially after I sang a song to her…

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