Boats, messes, and Duck

Another good day. I forget what the morning was, but in the afternoon Nesser, Andrew and I took the boat we’d been fixing out onto the lake for a test run. The wooden plug kept the water out, (whew!) and it worked well…on the way out. Maybe we shouldn’t have gone all the way out to the causeway, though!? ‘Cause it didn’t work so well on the way back! I think boats and their engines have something against our family. Went canoing with R tonight…our canoe had a leak. I did a bit of bailing. Nothing serious. The bailing just made me feel better. But still…boats and us don’t do so well together!

My room looks like a disaster zone. It’s fine when I haul my suitcases in from time away. But when they’re half-unpacked, stuff sitting around them, on them, in them, on the floor, on the bed…it ain’t pretty. I need to unpack ALL the way before I go insane. Mess like this causes me mental stress. And no, I’m not kidding. And yes, I’m weird. But guess what? So are you! ‘Cause “normal is just a setting on your dryer”!!!!

Umm, yes, brother, I was helping fix a boat. Umm, no, I’m not into mechanics. So you’re on your own for your car. Sorry. 😕 And if you want to continue this argument, you had better do it in person unless you want to get in trouble!! You and Dyson should form a group…. And…you boys are on your own for the water skiing too. Sorry again. NO desire to do that. Swim, yes. High speeds, lots of water, wind, clinging to a rope, a wetsuit, and falling into water? No thanks. I’ll skip it. Yes, I know, I’m sure you think I have a very boring life!

I only do what I’m told to on boats, Mrs. G. So really, I don’t even have the capability to sabotage Duck. Really. I promise! Ahh well, I don’t have to worry about him anymore! Except…just out of curiosity…and in preparation for next year…did Miss Joy take Duck home with her to fix? Just so I can be prepared, you understand… 😉  Oh, and yes, the MK staff meetings definitely topped the list for being the most fun!


2 thoughts on “Boats, messes, and Duck

  1. I wonder if we could get a NEW voice box for Duck?

    maybe he could sing the “Where is Thumbkin” song???? 🙂 or maybe we should get a lamb that says the “Lil’ Lamb” poem…

    maybe it could say – “Mrs. G rules, Lois drools”??? 🙂

    ah – and you can’t run downstairs and attack us, either… this could be fun! Just think – 10 whole months before you can retaliate!!!!!

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