Learning day-end stuff 3 ways ain’t fun

Excuse me for a moment while I deal with some housekeeping issues…

Mrs. G, Duck does NOT need a new voice box. I will take lessons and go to school and take courses on how to dismantle a voice box if you try that. Then again, if he sang the “Thumbkin” song it wouldn’t be too bad. Mr. N doesn’t like it. I kinda do. It’s fun to do it in the different voices! The “Little Lamb” poem is DEFINITELY out, though. Why on earth would Duck want to talk about a little lamb that ran away? (and it makes me feel guilty about certain incidents of skipping supper and hiding out in the Admin building!) As for the third option, it’s not even fit to be called an option! And it’s not fair for you to bug me alllll the way from the States…totally unfair!

Dyson — the only reason you haven’t bugged me in months is because I haven’t been around you. So there! If I were around you, or if you’d been there this past week…pretty sure you’d have either been bugging for all you were worth, or dead from trying to restrain yourself! (trust me on that one — I know you!) So no, I’m not going to apologize! YOU need to apologize for past misdeeds!

Anyway…in other news….

Busy day at work. I think I fried my brain. I’m not used to busy days yet. I have officially been taught the day-end stuff by 3 people now. No wonder I can’t get it all straight in my head! Each one has her own way, gets after me for doing it in the wrong order (which was just person #1’s order)…real fun.  :S I enjoy people who come in and make it more fun. Oh, hey, one of the students popped in over lunch hour, when things were REALLY slow, and chatted a bit. It was nice to see him again. The boys brought him home for the evening, we bugged him, talked about his injury from during Grad Banquet (the guy nearly killed himself last month), laughed a lot…it was good.

Now I’m attempting to UNpack from MDP and pack again for going to my cousin’s grad tomorrow. I think my life is just a series of transfers from suitcase to suitcase to suitcase…. But I’m procrastinating by writing this, so I’ll go get back to work now!

I’ll be gone for the weekend…this will be dead.

Happy Canada Day!


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