“All right” …. ahhhh!

It was a long day in the city today. Getting supplies for the summer missions program we have starting right away, picking up some chemicals classified as “dangerous goods” for the pump house, shopping for ourselves, etc. It was stinking hot, too. SO thankful for air conditioning in the van! Hey, guess what?! For the first time in months (actually, years) I did NOT get a headache when I went to the city. Usually I get one every single time, for reasons best known to no one, least of all myself!

Not much else to say, really. I’m missing my funny one-liners from my MDP kids. Not to mention their hugs, and their slobbery kisses, and their laughter, and the blessed relief that came with hearing Ava’s sweet little, “All right” when asked to do something. Those two words were music to our ears on hard days when we were half anticipating a struggle!

Oh, Mrs. Steele — those bites I got in your part of the country were affectionately named. And yes, I suppose there could be nicer ways to remember your family by, but those bites were well worth the visit, and I’d gladly put up with twice the bites if I could have another weekend with you guys! Oh, and if you come visit us, we’ll gladly repeat the van discussion for you!

Odd fact: I hear gunshots.  Quite a few of them.  Either that, or someone is having fireworks a day early.  But I think it’s a gun, ’cause I don’t hear any whistling/squealing that goes with fireworks, and it’s not dark enough for them either.  Strange…


One thought on ““All right” …. ahhhh!

  1. I could say it…. You look like a Crunch! or did you prefer…. You look like a boat….

    I could substitute hugs, and laughter…. but I’ll pass on the slobbery kisses! 🙂

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