Home again

Home again.  Wow.  It was a busy weekend, full of people, people, and more people.  And mosquitoes.  But, as usual, no place can beat MDP in the mosquito competition.  I still have my bites from visiting at the Steele’s.  Those ones are affectionately named according to where they were received!

It was good to see Grandpa & Grandma again this weekend, especially, because I haven’t seen them since last August.

Had some pretty heavy-duty discussions in the van on the way home.  Talking about TCK (third culture kid) stuff, missionary-related stuff, relating to people, maturity, people skills, personalities, learning to accept ourselves for who we are in Christ…whoa.  My brain is tired…though, as usual, Mom, Dad, and Andrew did most of the talking!

I’m tired.  And it’s tomorrow already.  And my bed is calling me.  Goodnight!

A song playing in my head tonight, making me miss MDP and my kids and MDPers…
God is watching over me
Morning, noon and night
Everywere that I may go,
I am in His sight.

If I’m here, He’s here,
If I’m there, He’s there
He is here, He is there,
Everywhere that I go.

God is watching over me
Morning, noon, and night.

(sung to “Old MacDonald Had A  Farm)


One thought on “Home again

  1. I almost feel like I should be sticking up for our mosquitoes!!! I am sorry that you still have the remains of the bites received here. Not a nice way to be reminded of us!

    Would have loved to hear that conversation in the van… I am sure I could have learned alot of VALUABLE stuff!

    It was good to see the new post…. Missed you!

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