Fireworks and a terrorized beaver

Another day off work, because of Canada Day.  It was lovely.  Slept in.  Phoned Eva, made her guess who I was, and shocked the life out of her!  Talked to Kay a bunch of times.  She’s heading to where MDP was stationed, for some camping trips, and was having trouble finding people and whatnot.  She called when she got to the door of my lodge, just to tell me that she had cell phone connection, because I’d told her she wouldn’t have it.  So we’re chatting away, and then she suddenly stopped mid-sentence and burst out in exclamations of shock and surprise and horror when the mosquitoes descended on her.  I LOST it.  Completely!  Burst into uncontrollable laughter.  I’ve been warning her all along!  “The mosquitoes will be REALLY bad, Kay.  And when I say bad, I mean REAL bad.  Like, worse than you think you have them where you are right now.  Worse than anywhere else.  Seriously.  I’m not joking.  And I’m not exaggerating either!  When I say you’ll need 50 cans of OFF, that’s kind of exaggerating, but seriously, you will want a lot of it for your weeks up there.  No, not kidding.  They’re BAD.  Trust me on this one!” So I found it hilarious when she realized it for herself!

Went to the fireworks tonight…which is why this is another late post.  I’m not sure which was more fun — watching the sky filled with color, or the beaver in the water below!  See, the fireworks are done on the Big Dock in town, right in the water.  It makes for an amazing show — you get the fireworks in the sky AND reflecting off the water, plus the boom that echoes across the lake.  But I digress.  We’re talking beavers here.  There was this one poor beaver swimming around in the bay.  He’d be swimming, then zoom! a firework(s?) would be fired off.  BOOM! in the sky!  THWACK! goes the beaver’s tail, and SPLASH! he’s gone.  He’d pop up a couple seconds later.  Then zoom! And BOOM!  And THWACK! And SPLASH! And he’d pop up again.  Then zoom! BOOM! THWACK! SPLASH! Repeat this process a bunch more times, throw in some people laughing their heads off at the beaver and not really watching the fireworks all that much, and that pretty much sums up the show!  It was funny.  Poor little terrorized creature.  He’ll probably have nightmares for the rest of his life!

Some trainees from California pulled in tonight, so we took them with us.  They were talking among themselves:  “I’ve been to the fireworks at Disneyland, but there was no beaver there!”


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