Phones, files, music, and love

Today was BUSY at work, so it went by quickly.  The phone was ringing off the hook, and I didn’t even THINK of pulling files till around 10 AM — and that’s an indicator that it was definitely very busy!

Went to the meeting tonight, for our summer missions program.  It was good to hear the speaker and his wife sing.  There is something about Native people singing that is different…sets them apart from all others…it’s a very special flavour of music…one that was SO good to hear again!  It made me smile inside, and feel warm fuzzies!  I am SO taking some of that music back to school with me!

Kay & Miss Steele are at the MDP base tonight.  I was jealous…for a little while.  Till I realized that for me, that base means MDP because that’s all I know it (the base) as.  But if I went there now — yes, my classroom with frogs painted on the walls would still be there, but the storage room would be locked, and the G’s apartment would be bare, and none of my kids would be running around, and James’ train set wouldn’t be set up in his room, and Eden’s dad wouldn’t be hollering and singing early in the morning…  MDP is made up of people, and those people are now scattered to the four winds.  Kinda sad thought, isn’t it?  But I have pictures (gazillions of them!), memories, and relationships with those people now.  And the pain of being separated from people I was growing close to is well worth the joy and fun and laughter and growth of those MDP weeks.  Yeah…love hurts.  But it’s worth it.


2 thoughts on “Phones, files, music, and love

  1. Isn’t it neat that heaven will be made up all those people – only perfect! 🙂

    I’m finding that it’s like mixing liquids together…. or other stuff… not sure if I can explain it without drawing it…. :-S

    i.e. – I start as a glass of water….

    When I spend a week with someone… it’s like a drop of koolaide… some might be lemonaide (which probably won’t change anything….) or red/purple koolaide (which might add a very slight tint change).

    When I spend more and more time with those people, more of that liquid combines with mine.

    Other people only need 5 min with me to affect me for a lifetime – for bitter or sweet….

    29 years knowing Mr. G (26 of those in marriage) has changed who I am (though I don’t really realize those changes). But it’s amazing how we can think alike, say the same things at the same time…

    It’s a long explanation to explain that my “glass of water” is changed by being at MDP each year… for the better (except what the mosquitoes drink up!)… YOU have added a sweetness to my life – and I am different because God has added you to the mixture He is making of my life!

    (another analogy would be the weaving of my life tapestry – which might explain it better… ?)

    Anyway – the rambling (which you have admitted to liking… 🙂 – hopefully has shared my heart….

    Love you! Miss you!

  2. That analogy could work for TCK – home culture would be the clear water, and the God-culture, new culture – and the MK culture, all change who I am….

    You can’t take anything back out of the glass of water without taking the water… you can’t divide the ingredients – just divide the total sum of liquid…

    Also – this is true for marriage, too. If Mr. G & I were to separate, there would be NO way of being the same I was before he poured into my life…. If (may it NEVER be!) we were to divorce – all we would do is “divide the water”

    okay…. i’ll stop rambling…. 🙂

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