Woe is me … till God sends laughter!

I thought yesterday was busy?  Today I didn’t dare think about pulling files until well into the first lunch hour, around 12:30.  Yikes.  It wasn’t just busy.  It was INSANELY busy!  But thankfully, my brain didn’t fry today.  Guess I’m getting used to the crazy busy pace.

I came home tired, though, and depleted emotionally from some stressful situations and unhappy people.  The host from our mission’s TV department came over to chat as we were finishing up supper.  I was cutting up strawberries for dessert, contemplating my miserable life (“Oh, woe is me!”) when someone made some joke, and this guy LAUGHED.  Now, I really don’t find him funny at all, as a person, and I don’t find his jokes humorous either.  His brand of humor just doesn’t strike me as funny, I guess.  But when he laughs — I can’t help but smile, and laugh along with him.  I just HAVE to!  It’s so contagious!  And when he broke out into his laughter, I instantly felt better.  My spirits jumped.  Dunno why.  Just did.  It was like a little ray of sunshine.  Thank-You, Father!


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