An MDP pic

I’m going to attempt a pic on this post…  It’s from the last day of MDP.  James’ parents wanted a picture of him and his teachers, and I LOVED the result!  He’s just WAAAAAY too cute in this one!  (oh … and for the record … Mr. N is JUST Mr. N and nothing more … I know, when you see just us and James it kinda makes you do a double-take [it looks kind of strange to me too] but it’s just two teachers and one of our kids — one of our “children are precious!” MDP kids)  James’ expression in this one is priceless, and is one of the little things that makes me happy inside!


2 thoughts on “An MDP pic

  1. Aw, he is cute! (the little one).
    I’m having a ton of fun & adventure out here and have been using you as a role model and trying to journal 🙂

  2. lol…yeah, you better make sure you specify which one is cute! Hoping to see you down there sometime! Everyone make way — the relatives are coming!!!

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