God’s tradition of sending rain

Driving back from church today, numbed and saddened.  Suddenly it penetrated that it was raining.  And that we are in the middle of our summer missions program.  I LAUGHED.  We often joke that we should drop the “T” in “Training Course” because it ALWAYS rains, and generally, the gravel roads to church are in pretty bad shape, thus giving the trainees plenty of excitement and stories to tell when they go home.  There is comfort to be found in the familiar.  In “traditions” (that aren’t actually traditions because we have no control over them, but I guess God must like the raining tradition ’cause He always sends rain during the training course!).


One thought on “God’s tradition of sending rain

  1. Wish I was there to hug you! Miss you! Praying for God to strengthen your family as you pass through this – yet another – valley.

    When we ask God to give us a burden for people or to help share others’ burdens… we often forget how heavy those burdens are… BUT GOD…

    I think we cling too hard to life sometimes… we forget this is the temporary and that eternity is permanent… and – well – eternal… I have no desire to stay alive 100 years! And yet – each of us has our own journey and the days that God has already counted out.

    Here I go again….

    Remember that we love you!

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