Sudden joy!

We found out this morning that the man whose wake we went to this morning (the relatives requested that church be held where his wake was) was 6 weeks away from his 101st birthday.  Wow!  Talk about old!  He lived a long life.  And we found out today that he was ready for the end.  He knew the Lord.  He had planned out his funeral.  I found that out during church, and it was somehow like life suddenly got a whole lot brighter.  If he knew the Lord, then this is no longer an overwhelmingly sad event.  It is a celebration of someone’s entrance into God’s presence!  Yes, there is still the pain and loss of missing a beloved relative and friend, for the family.  I know what it’s like, trust me!  But knowing he is with the Lord is a comfort, and brings joy in to mix with the sorrow and makes it more bearable.


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