Good, or stupid?

Well…a day working in the field at the berry farm.  The results?
–My back hates me and ain’t being shy about telling me exactly that!
–I had to come home and shower to find out what color I’m actually supposed to be.
–But, that didn’t really work all that well because I got sunburned today — enough to hurt.  I think that’s only happened once before in my life.  My dislike of sunscreen and my dislike of hats outweigh my dislike of heat and sun.  Usually I can get away with it.  Not today!

I showered.  I drank lots of water.  I even drank lemon juice (my mom says that will make me all better tomorrow — the water and the lemon juice are supposed to replace fluid lost in the joints).  And then I had a long bath.  This is all supposed to make me so I’m not creaking and groaning all over the place at work at the Dr’s tomorrow!  Hopefully SOMEthing will have worked its wonders by morning!

But it was a good day.  After sitting in classes all the time at school, and then doing desk work at the Dr’s, it was GOOD to do physical work for the day.  It was a very nice change…even if my body is telling me that was REAL stupid!


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