Highlights from the mountains

Had a GREAT weekend in the mountains.  Highlights?
–visiting and laughing around the campfire
–the rain, though definitely inconvenient, brought a lot of laughs — such as when the wind flipped the tarp up with a great gust and emptied the water pooled on it right down Uncle J’s back.  Or during a sudden downpour late at night, when we tried to empty the pooled water and ended up dousing the already struggling fire.  So there we sat, in the smoky darkness, huddled in a circle under the center of the tarp, our knees nearly touching.  Remind me again, WHY do we go camping?!?!!  Right.  It’s for the great family times and the priceless memories we make!
–visiting a beautiful, clear, deep, turquoise lake.  Those of us who were of the braver sort (I was not included in that number) jumped in off the rock cliffs.  They all came up for air spluttering and gasping and exclaiming at the water’s temperature.  COLD!!!!  Timothy said it was so cold that it shocked him so badly his body forgot to shiver!
–Laughing uproariously over family physical traits…I’d type in the name we have, except I don’t even know how to spell it, and it’s probably not even an actual word!
–Enjoying time with the little girl cousins I’ve hardly seen.  Eating ‘ice cream” (made of playdough), rolling rocks down the steep hill and into the river, hanging onto their hoods (makes a nice handle when you’re standing at the top of a steep hill with rushing water below), tickling Curly to keep her from going to sleep on the drive, snatching Song out of her motor home and running down the road to see an elk…
–Enjoying the beauty and sun at another lake later in our excursion day.  Found a bench to sit on and just enjoy the sunshine and the company and the view of the water and the mountains.  God’s creation is amazing.  His love and forgiveness and grace are amazing and overwhelming.  And when we see that grace and forgiveness mirrored in others around us — it’s also overwhelming.


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