God’s humor

Spent the morning at the Dr’s, and the afternoon at the berry farm.  Got my back adjusted in the morning…then messed up again in the afternoon.  But I hurt less today after weeding than I did last week…thankfully, or I’d probably never go back!  Laughed lots at work this morning.  I like working with both Mrs. Hanson & Mrs. P.  We have fun together.  Problem is that Dr. really doesn’t need all 3 of us…which is why I came home after lunch.

And…now it’s much later than when I started this post.  I was on the phone till late…real late.  Late as in it’s no longer today, it’s actually tomorrow.  So I’m going to bed pronto-like!  Never have been good at saying good-byes, whether in person or on the phone.

God’s sense of humor is funny.  Looking back, that is.  During the rough times, when He doesn’t make sense at all, it ain’t funny.  But with time and the proper perspective, it’s easier to look back and be able to see His plan.  And know that He had everything under control all along.  And that there must have been times when He was chuckling.  And shaking His head, and saying, “Lois, just relax and TRUST Me already!”  I’m glad He’s so patient.  And that He doesn’t give up, and keeps teaching me the same lesson over and over when I need it.


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