I fly WestJet!

Today was just a plain old nice, happy, easy-going day.  Relaxed pace at work, and not stressful at all.  Had an peaceful lunch, sitting on the grass across the street.  Prayer Meeting in the evening with KWTers.  They are so definitely like family to me!  Wrote a letter this evening.  Talked to Dad a bit on the phone.  Made part of tomorrow’s lunch.  Talked a bit online, and emailed my dean.  Got a card from Mr. Brain.  It made me smile, and then LAUGH!  Got a package from Sanderly yesterday.  She had the nerve to send me a Twix wrapper.  Yes, just the wrapper!  Apparently, she says, while she was thinking of me, she accidentally ate my chocolate bar.  Of all the nerve!!!!  I do believe I shall wring someone’s neck when I head back east!  Twix wrapper…talk about torture!

Oh!!!  I booked my flight back to school the other day — $180, including taxes.  Is that stinkin’ cheap or WHAT?!!  A seat sale across Canada, combined with another deal…I’m not flying to my usual destination, and I’ll have to take the bus, but even then, it’s waaaaay cheaper than what I was expecting to have to pay, AND I get to take 2 bags.  Me and Air Canada are NOT friends anymore.  $25 for the second bag??!?  Are you kidding?!  I officially fly WestJet from now on!


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