My faithful friend, Mr. Kleen X. Box

Today was a crazy work day.  Went to Dr’s this morning, because Mrs. P had told me to come in on Thursday.  Well, surprise!  Both her and Mrs. Hansen were there!  It really is pointless for Dr to pay 3 of us to be in, ’cause 2 can handle the job just fine and even have time left over to be bored.  So I jumped right back in the van, drove home, and called the berry farm.  Worked there until early afternoon when it got ridiculously hot.  (dug about eight 5-gallon pails of weeds — I was averaging a pail every 20 minutes, if that tells you how thick the weeds are!)  Headed home, jumped in the shower, grabbed something to eat, and was up at the school by 2 to take over from Mom and do KWT secretary duty.  Enjoyed that a lot, actually.  Too bad it doesn’t pay!  Oh well.  Wouldn’t want to do it too often I guess — those of you who know what happens to KWT secretaries will know why!

Celebrated Timothy’s grad at supper, with some of his friends.  Called one of my friends from school.  She moved west, but not far enough…we’re still separated by several provinces!

I was realized today that my allergies haven’t bothered me much since Sunday evening in the mountains.  RRrrright.  Spoke too soon!  They kicked in royally tonight.  My sidekick here beside me is Mr. Kleen X. Box.  We’ve been pretty much inseparable for the last 3 weeks or so.  My faithful friend…always with me…how touching…I think I have a tear in my eye…I need a kleenex…


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