Got my finger on the Bunnett pulse

Had to laugh today. Sanderly called me this evening. They’re on vacation, so she was calling from a payphone, wanting to know the latest that I’ve heard from her sister who’s touring Israel. So, I read her the latest emails and Facebooks messages I got. Then I told her which day her sister Kay is getting out of the bush, and that she’s coming to visit for a day, hopefully. And told her not to bother trying to call Nesser — he’s hiking with some friends this weekend and is out of cell range. Sanderly and I both burst out laughing, at that point. Here I am in one province, keeping tabs on Bunnetts in 3 other provinces, and a Bunnett overseas, and reporting back to any Bunnett that calls wanting information on a sibling! This is hilarious!

Today was a good day — I cleaned up my room (I told Mom she is NOT to look in my closet — I don’t want her to die if anything falls out!) and I can see my floor!!! A lot of it!!! OK, so my definition of “mess” is very different than most people’s (I tend to be a neat freak), but mess causes me stress, and it’s REAL nice to have things reasonably neat again and most stuff back in its proper place.

I still have one thing I need to find, though — my MDP contract. Mr. G tells me I have 38 years left to serve — though I never signed it! ( hey, if I can’t find it, it doesn’t apply, right?!) But I’m hoping it’ll apply for one more year…my fingers are crossed…waiting for a phone call from the east announcing the engagement and wedding of my roommate…I want to find it, just in case logistics will work out after all…

So, I’m off on a hunt!


2 thoughts on “Got my finger on the Bunnett pulse

  1. you sent your MDP contract to ME!…. you mistakenly signed it 2009…. so…. you’re already signed for this coming year :-)…

    besides…. my personal opinion is that you only have 28 years left…. by then – I’ll probably have no memory of who you are or who anyone is, for that matter – so – you’ll be safe….

  2. If my contract depends on your memory, I think I probably only have about 10 years left, if your memory is indeed as bad as you’re always saying it is!

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