I’ve been given an extra 10 years!

Ah HA!  Found it!  And guess what?!!?!  It’s only for 30 years!!!  (thank God that it was MRS. G who actually wrote up the contract!)  So that means, let’s see, what am I allowed to do?  In 28 years, I’ll be allowed to go on a missions trip during MDP time, go on tour with a group from school, leave the country, fall in love, get married, go traveling, etc. etc. etc.  Until then, though, apparently, I’m not allowed to do any of the above.  Though I didn’t actually sign the contract, so I suppose I could rebel…if I really wanted to!


4 thoughts on “I’ve been given an extra 10 years!

  1. look what happens when I’m too busy to keep an eye on you!!!! you get rebellious! you get sassy!

    Well – I’m back now……….!!!!!!

    and – to clarify….

    there ARE 44 other weeks of the year for . . . .

    #1 – missions trips, ministry tour from school,

    #2 – leave the country (you can just come home with us! “2 birds with one stone” type of thing… – oh – and you can listen to Chronicles of Narnia with us! – see – it all works out!),

    #3 – fall in love…. yeah – 44 weeks are enough per year…. absence makes the heart grow fonder!,

    #4 – get married…. actually – it’d be great if you plan it for the week before or after MDP, or during Trails week,

    #5 – go traveling – yeah 44 whole weeks are available – AND – if you choose option #3 – takes care of this….

    #6 – etc… etc… etc….

    Try again…. these “excuses” don’t hold water!

  2. and….

    your life sounds kind of boring anyway without us – SO – you could say that we’re GIVING you 30 whole years of LIFE…. above and beyond the eternal life that comes from God! We ARE the blessings that God has blessed you with! Cool – huh!

  3. btw – the small print on the contract says – that after 30 years, you get the privilege of taking over our positions! Even COOLER – EH?

  4. WAAAAIT a minute — I never saw any small print anywhere, and I take back my signature if I have to take your job after 30 years!! I don’t want to have to deal with MKs like myself!!!

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