Bug-zappers and cats tipping

Went to church at a Native family Bible camp this morning. Like with the wake the other week, it felt like home. I love the informality of these meetings. The interaction between the pulpit and the congregation. Stopping in the middle of the sermon to shut off the super-bug-zapper (Preacher stops: “Wow, that is one FRIED bug!!!!”). We SO need one of those things for MDP — except it would probably get plugged right away! The laughing and joking around. This is what I miss so much when I’m at school.

Enjoyed a visit with Mom on the deck this evening. It was a beautiful, still, peaceful evening. Humid, but cool enough to be pleasant. Enjoyed watching the hummingbirds fighting over the feeder and zipping all over. Watched the cat fall asleep sitting up and slowly start tipping over till she caught herself. Funny!


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