More MDP leftovers

An MDP memory… (can you tell which pictures I was sorting today?!)
Mr. N was down on the floor on the story corner — one of his many “dead” episodes — and Miss H was tugging at his shoe, trying to pull it off so she could go hide it someplace.
Miss H: I’m going to deFEET you!!!
Mr. N: SHOE! SHOE!! Go away!
Miss H: Hahaha!!!! I will SOCK you!!!

Small things I liked about MPD…
–the isolatedness. Yes, it got on one’s nerves sometimes (especially when the power went out and we had no internet, phone, lights, water, etc for nearly 12 hrs), but I liked it too, because it drastically slowed the pace of life and fostered the “community” aspect of MDP
–falling asleep to the sound of the rumbling of Mr. & Mrs. G’s voices in their room below me. It’s kind of like when our neighbours would leave their outside light on all night. Makes me feel very secure and safe.
–milk at every meal. Milk was never served at suppers at school. And, guaranteed, supper was when I CRAVED it.
–the way our MK team would randomly break into song, in 4, 5, or 6 or SOMETHING part harmony. Random times, random songs…it was fun! (Mr. G — “I don’t care if you SING your answer to me, I just want to know, will anybody trade me a wood for an ore???”)


2 thoughts on “More MDP leftovers

  1. read your blog out loud to Mr. G…. he said, “YAH!!!!!!!!! – at least she understands!…. well, kind of…”

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