Phones and flights

I am on the phone.  To Nesser.  Using the land line where he’s living.  Nesser is on the phone also.  To April.  Using his cell phone!  His boss’s wife is taking pictures of him with a phone on each ear…talking to 2 girls!  This is taking MAJOR coordination, for a guy!  We are trying to figure out plans for the girls to come visit, be picked up from the airport, get to my house, all of us go to Nesser’s, or go to our family reunion in the mountains, come up with sites and tents for all, pick up Kay someplace, drop off Sanderly at school, and somehow have a ride for everyone everywhere they need to go.

Several hours later…off the phone.  At this exact second, that is.  Waiting for April to call back.  I disconnected the phones where Mom & Dad are sleeping.  We found some cheaper flights on days that worked better, from a different city.  To take them, or not to take them, that is the question?  And what to do when they get here?  Where to go?  How to go?

My brain is tired.  My brain is exhausted, actually!  My ears are tired.  My eyes are tired from staring at computer screens all day.  I keep rushing back to check my Air Canada sessions I have left open, to make sure they don’t time out.  I need them!!!

Why do I do this?  These are the people who have picked me up from the airport and brought me home at midnight too many times to count.  And then there’s the times I have gotten them up at 4:30 in the morning to take me TO the airplane.  The times their family has taken me in and treated me like one of them.  Hauled all my stuff around.  Stored my stuff in their attic.  Teased and tormented the life out of me! (JEWEL!!!)  Shot my teddy bear (loooooong story!)  Yep.  For them — I do this!

Now I’m off the phone.  Time to sleep on all these flight options.  Figure them out in the morning.  Flights.  SO annoying.  So necessary.  Goodnight!


2 thoughts on “Phones and flights

  1. uh, Lois, I think you do the plane ticket thing becasue everyone knows your good at it. I mean you fgot my tickets real cheap, and hey if you would do that for me, it is nothing to do it for some Bunnetts ;), it has been too long since we have chatted, I hope all is well

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