“Believe God…”

Had fun at work today.  It was a steady pace, but not insanely busy, or excruciatingly slow.  Debbie (I work with her) told me her airport horror stories of guards and yellow lines and crossing out of the “secure” zone.  One lady called and we had fun laughing about blondes (I can say that — I am blonde [in color, not brain!] and then I accidentally cut her off when I put her on hold.  I looked at the phone wryly and said, “Well, we WERE just laughing together and having a good time, so I’m pretty sure she’ll  know I didn’t do it on purpose, and she’ll call back right away!”  She did.  Whew!  I haven’t done that for a long time.
We have a much bigger living room and dining room today.  No, we didn’t build an addition.  But with the help of other staff and the volunteers, we moved our old big piano out and over to the neighbours’ who bought it from us.  We’ve had 2 pianos in the house since January, I think.  And pianos ain’t small things at all!

It’s comforting to know, when life is confusing, that God won’t let me make a super-bad decision without impressing on me what He wants first.  God is capable of breaking through and getting His message to me unless I deliberately turn away and refuse to hear it.

I am thankful for friends who are not afraid to speak the truth to me, in spite of not knowing how I’ll respond.  I’m thankful for friends who aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions — the ones with no easy anwers! — and make me think long and hard and consider and re-consider my viewpoint.  (over-processing?!)  I am thankful for the people God puts in my life to sand off the rough edges and sharpen me and help me grow.


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