I need a new ear

My ears are tired. Yes, I know that sounds really strange and weird. Especially for a girl!!! Especially for the girl who somehow went from hating the phone to loving it and thrives on it now. But yes, my ears are tired. I have probably spent 6 hours on the phone in the last 24 hours. And no, I’m not kidding. April … Nesser … back to April … back to Nesser … Aunty … Brother … Nesser … Brother … Airlines … — oh, and at least 3-4 hours on the internet too, checking prices!  Ah, well, it was definitely worth it.  We’re getting Bunnett company soon!!!  I am so excited.  Or I would be…if I had the energy to be excited right now!

It was a busy day. Dealing with all the planning in the morning. Picking peas, shelling peas, staff meeting at work, picking beans, running errands in town, helping clean up the kitchen (we have a volunteer group here that Mom is cooking for), house cleaning in the evening, blanching peas… Yep, it’s been a full day. I’m ready for bed!

The volunteer group has been a blessing, though. They’ve only been here for a day, yet done so much. I guess I’m thinking of the ladies especially. Today was probably our biggest picking of peas and beans, and they helped HUGELY with that, which takes a load off Mom, which was appreciated. They were out on the back deck till nearly 10, finishing up the beans. It did my heart good.


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