Two symbols — and an amazing God!

I love the picture I have up right now.  The mountain and the rainbow — two symbols that mean a LOT to me.

The rainbow — during MDP, we teach the kids the story of Noah.  Our theme that week is “God always keeps His promises” and the rainbow is a sign of that.  Why does that mean anything special to me?  Back in Feb 07, I was really struggling with not understanding some things God was doing in my life.  It almost seemed He was trying to torture me on purpose!  Was He just out to get me?  My head KNEW that wasn’t true — but my heart was struggling.  I went into the bookstore with Lynne & Thorie one day, and was browsing when I saw a magnet with a verse that literally JUMPED out at me.  “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you hope and a future.” ~Jer. 29:11.  Did I mention that that verse JUMPED out at me and figuratively slapped me in the face?  Had me standing motionless, frozen in place, as that truth sunk in with more meaning than ever before in my life?  God had a plan for me, and it wasn’t just to make life miserable!  His plans for me were good.  To give me hope, and a future.  To prosper me, and NOT TO HARM ME!!!  Wow.  So, though the struggle and not understanding WHAT He was doing continued, I knew, deep in my heart, that the result of what He was doing would be good.  And when I went to MDP and we taught the kids that the rainbow reminds us that God always keeps His promises, it was a reminder to me to trust Him.

And then the mountain.  I’ve been studying the word “steadfast” recently.  God is my anchor.  My fortress.  The only one I can totally lean on.  My ROCK.  I needed Him desperately that weekend we were in the mountains.  There were some things I was dealing with that were making life look very uncertain.  But everywhere I went and looked and turned, there were reminders of the One who will always stay the same.  Driving through the valleys with the mountains towering on each side of us. Jumping off a rock cliff into a channel (I didn’t — my brother and Nesser and Dad did — I took the pictures!) with a wall of sheer rock at least a 70 feet up on the other side. Mountains that were 2/3 just rock — no trees. Just huge boulders. Everywhere I looked I was reminded that God is the one who supports and upholds me. He is the one who is sure and lasting. Talk about a vivid object lesson for Ps. 18:2!!

So, that is why this picture is so special to me.  A rainbow, and a mountain.  They remind me of my awesome God.


3 thoughts on “Two symbols — and an amazing God!

  1. just an fyi Hope’s life verse is Jeremiah 29:11, not sure it was relevant, but it looks cool to have my name in your blog 😉

  2. steadfast – an amazing thought! God is steadfast – unmovable! I must be steadfast – unshakable! Like the tree planted by the water… with roots big and deep!

  3. Cool. I never really appreciated the bigness of the mountains until last year during our Higher Challenge trip. These mountains, which seem so big, unshakeable, and even steadfast, to us, were made by God. A God Who is bigger than anything we can imagine. A great awesome. You’re right – He is steadfast. The mountains will shake, crumble and melt at His word, but He endures forever.

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