From the mountains

In the mountains! Having a fantasic time! Cousin time is amazing!! A funny quote from our 15 km hike yesterday, along a river: (the boys were pulling rocks out of the mountain and rolling them down) Ranger Lynne:  “Make sure you scream if you fall in, so I’ll know it was you, and not a rock!” We were tired when we got back, but the hike was wonderfully refreshing, the view at the end was spectacular, and the memories we made were priceless. From making noise to warn the bears of our approach, to talking the boys out of going to LOOK for a bear, to slight panic attacks during a scramble straight up the mountain, to stopping along the trail for a chips snack, to touching each lake we hiked past, to the boys jumping out from behind some rocks to scare us, but getting some other hikers….it was a lot of fun!


2 thoughts on “From the mountains

  1. I’m glad I went too…Its fun to have shared memories…its not often I get to read your blog and say, “yes, that was fun”.

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