OK, so, yes, I probably am spoiled.  Spent the long weekend in the mountains with Mom’s family and had a great time.  SO good to be with cousins again!  Traveled home all day Monday, then turned around and went back to the mountains on Wednesday!

Sanderly is going to school out west, so she and April flew in on the long weekend.  We brought Nesser up with us on Monday, and a few of the Bunnett siblings were reunited when we got home at 3 AM.  Yes, I said 3 AM that night.  That morning.  Whatever.  Either way, they were happy.  So was I.  I’ve missed my Bunnetts.  We spent Tuesday occupied with the garden, welcoming Kay, who drove up in the afternoon, talking, playing floor hockey, and looking at pictures.  And did I mention talking late into the night?

OH, but did I mention why it took us till 3 AM to get home on Monday?  We broke down.  Stopped to gas up and the truck wouldn’t start again.  Did I mention that this was the same town that our cousins broke down in on the way TO our camp-out? And did I mention that this was also the same town in which we broke down several years ago?  And that this town is a very bad one to break down in, because it’s really difficult to get parts there?  Yeah.  Anyway, Mom & I were praying for an angel to come along and help the guys fix the truck.  A guy did come along.  Shortly thereafter (I don’t know what exactly took place — I was in the store buying milk for the angel in disguise), the truck was fixed.  We held our breath till we left town!  If we were superstitious, we’d never drive through there again!  As it was, I think Andrew and I were a little on edge as we drove through on Wednesday!

Ahh, the memories we make….  I was reminded often that the destination is maybe not nearly so important as the journey, and the memories we make along the way.  We DEFINITELY made memories on this trip!


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