“Loo with a view — knock to avoid shock”

Wednesday morning, Andrew and I took off (early — and after a late night — I’ll try to post a pic of us all yawning) to the mountains again with the 4 western Bunnetts.  We definitely made more memories on that trip!  One person scrunched in the back with the luggage.  Spending hours shopping for groceries.  Two girls taking pics of the mountains and getting in trouble ’cause the rest of them couldn’t find us and thought we’d been kidnapped (yeah, I was one of those 2 girls — my big brother was NOT happy!).  Meeting friends for lunch in the city.  Driving with the music turned up and the windows rolled down and being unable to hear either the music or the people talking because the wind was so loud!  Mini water fights (stupid idea in a vehicle).  Taking pictures out each side of the truck when we entered the mountains.  Stopping to buy buttermilk for me!  Teasing Andrew.  We were afraid he’d come back home with a complex from all the teasing.  But, he dished it out just as much as he got it, I think.  (any comments, brother dear?!)

On the last leg of the trip, Nesser warned Andrew & I that our destination probably wouldn’t be what we were used to, or what we were expecting, and would be quite different.  I think he was a little worried.  I laughed.  Told him we are MKs and that means we are flexible and we WILL adapt and roll with the punches — even if it kills us!

Kay & Nesser have been living with a family in the mountains since spring.  We arrived there late at night.  Nesser was afraid Andrew’s car would bottom out on the way in to the farm.  It was completely dark.  I felt disoriented and confused and exhausted.  The house was set right on the edge of a cliff, with the river right below (I wouldn’t advise wrestling on the deck — not unless you’re okay with taking a REAL big tumble!)  We were shown to an outdoor biffy (outhouse).  It too was built on the very edge of the cliff, and …. had no door. Because it was RIGHT on the edge of the cliff, built so the angles were all okay and no one could see in, it WAS secure … technically … I suppose.  The sign by it said “Loo with a view — knock to avoid shock.”  I decided to reserve all judgements and opinions on this place until morning, when I was not so tired!  The shower shack consisted of a shower and huge tub (but no sink) …. surrounded by huge windows.  Again, it was set on the edge of the cliff, with a view, and all angles were okay and it was secure.  Nonetheless, I had a very fast shower the time I used it!  The signal that the shower shack was in use was to have the stereo turned up loud, so approaching people could hear the music, and I must admit I did very much enjoy the excuse to blast the music.  I like my music a little on the louder side, so it drowns out my singing along!


5 thoughts on ““Loo with a view — knock to avoid shock”

  1. Couple comments today. Dished it out just as much?! I had to – my survival (emotional, mental and psychologically speaking) was at stake.

    I liked your response to Nesser’s caution. As I told someone else recently, as an MK, I’ve been in a lot of homes. This home/farm was a lot more comfortable than others I’ve been at.

    Funny, I made the same decision – no judgments until tomorrow morning, when I can see clearly (not to mention thinking clearly).

    It was a great experience.

    And Mrs. G.: I have something to tell you. Are you listening? You think Lois is such a good MK. Well, do I have news for you. When we were up hiking on the mountain, where she thought no one would notice, she walked right past a quarter. Can you imagine that?! And it was lying right there beside the path. In the middle of all these rocks. Up in the middle of nowhere. Now I ask you, what kind of MK overlooks a quarter? I have to question the reality of her claims to being an MK. Even April noticed it and picked it up. And I told Lois – “I’m going to tell Mrs. G. Just you wait…!” (now you better read this quick before she finds it and deletes it, me and any other witnesses!)

  2. passed up a quarter?!!!!!! maybe she’s preoccupied?!!!!

    it sounded like a God-appointed quarter! Put it right where He knew you’d be!

    And Andrew… you didn’t get it before someone else???? Good thing you’re home and able to watch out for her… too much time away from MDP… not a good thing, you know! 🙂

  3. Mrs. G — my eyes were not on the ground. (except for when I was tripping). I was otherwise occupied. What else can I say!?

  4. to both you and Andrew…

    give me a minute to do a thorough reading of both his letter and your blog entries… had to do a very fast skim to stay ahead of you!!!! I may be getting a bit slower at Dutch Blitz, too, without you two!

    btw – we just saw Leslie from MDP at conference last week… she’s moving yesterday and today – not sure when she’s getting there… – from Idaho to Washington.

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