Rainy days

It rained yesterday…it rained today…and these are the days I’m supposed to be working at the berry farm, which is QUITE annoying!  Oh well.  Caught up on odd stuff around home.  Baked bread yesterday, and cookies today.  Called 2 friends yesterday.  Both were also making bread!  Three friends … in three different provinces … making three different kinds of bread!  Sorted all my pics from this past week in the mountains.  Showed the family all the pics and videos.  Visited Rose and her husband tonight.  Laughed with and bugged Buddah when he came over.

Lean called tonight, and we talked about her wedding next summer!  That made me hyper and excited.  🙂  It’s going to be fun.  Mrs. G prayed that her wedding would not fall during MDP … her prayers worked … the wedding is planned for the week right after MDP!  (so if there’s anything you really want, just get Mrs. G to pray for it!)

The sky has cleared.  It will be sunny tomorrow, if it doesn’t cloud over again.  I am so glad!  Being cooped up for 2 days because of the rain is almost more than I can handle!


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