Bruises and a highlight — a “him”

Putting on lotion today…“Ow!  ow!  OW!!!  What is this?!  Where on earth did all these bruises on my shins come from?  Good grief, my leg is just covered from them!” Then I remembered.  Rrrrrright.  A highlight I forgot to mention.  Riding up a mountain hanging onto the back of Nesser’s 4-runner truck.  Hanging on for dear life.  And coming back down the mountain the same way.  Only bracing myself in an attempt not to go flying off when we hit the deep ruts and bounced around.  Banging our shins on the bar across the back.  Ah HA!  OK, now I know where those all came from!  But…the fun ride was definitely worth the bruises!

Not to mention the company I was in when I got the bruises.  You may have noticed a reoccurring theme on here recently.  It — or rather, he — is a highlight I haven’t outright mentioned, but Nesser was most definitely a highlight from this past week.  Yes, Nesser Bunnett, the brother to all my girl-Bunnetts out east.  The friend Dyson came to surprise in May.  And a very, very special friend of mine.


2 thoughts on “Bruises and a highlight — a “him”

  1. Ha! I knew it! I knew there was a special somebody. I have an intuition for these kinds of things, you know?! I just kind of “know”. Big brothers can do that, you know. “Brother of the Bunnetts” – sure! I must related to a certain somebody who can predict things like this!

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