Weddings and road trips

Yes, I know (Mrs. Steele & Miss Steele!), I’ve been quiet on here recently. I do have good reasons, though!

Went to a wedding of some KWT students on the weekend…traveled 5 hours there, and another 5 back. Got home at 2:30 AM, or some ridiculous hour. It was a beautiful wedding, though. Enjoyed seeing so many friends. Got hugs from the Steele kids I’ve missed so much! Booked an appointment with Mrs. Steele, and made a bee-line down to the lake for an uninterrupted visit right after the wedding.

Enjoyed the drive back. All us kids — Kay, April, Nesser, Timothy, and I (ok, so maybe we’re all 18 and up, but “kids” still fits best!) piled in the van, the adults went in the truck, and we took off. Supper on the side of the road, many chips (Kay — “I don’t want to even SEE another chip!”), a couple slushies, a stop at midnight to pick up one of their friends, and we were home by about 2:30ish. Yes, another late night. I took tea to work the next morning. No, I don’t like tea. But it has caffeine, and tastes better than coffee!


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