Handy cameras with high zoom

The Bunnett crew took off the next morning, but were so kind as to leave me April for the next week or two!

One of our supporters donated two cows to us and some other staff here, so April and I went to pick it up on the 19th.  “Picking it up” required a 12 hour drive — another road trip!  We made fun memories.  Stopped to take a picture of a combine in the field near my uncle’s.  She was taking the picture, and I was idly wondering if it was Uncle G.  The guy hopped out and ran around the front to unplug something, and I figured it must be someone younger.  Pulled back onto the road to drive past, and as I scrutinized the person on the way past, something still looked familiar.  “April, pull over!”  She pulled onto an approach, and I grabbed her camera with 18x optical zoom, and proceeded to focus in on this guy and take a series of shots, trying to get a clear pic.  April: “Lois, he can see you through the window, you know!”  “Maybe … but I don’t want to walk up to a random farmer in a field, thinking he’s my cousin, and find out he’s not!  Especially not here, ’cause the person might actually know me!”  (out east, I tend to run more along the lines of “I don’t care if I do something to embarrass myself — no one out here knows me anyway, and I’ll never see them again!)

So there I was, taking pictures, on high zoom, of a guy, and then zooming in further on the picture.  Ah HA!  That’s my big cousin!  Dropped the camera on the dash, and piled out of the van to say a quick high.  Needless to say, he was surprised.  It’s not every day his little cousin randomly shows up!

On the way back, we stopped in for a few minutes and surprised Uncle G and my other cousin.  Uncle bemoaned his wifeless state (she went to a wedding shower in the city), the state of the house, and his helplessness.  I took the hint and helped clean up a slight bit while April made use of the washroom.  It was a fun stop.  April decided she officially likes my uncle and wants to adopt him!


2 thoughts on “Handy cameras with high zoom

  1. wants to adopt him!? That’s awesome. I like that…your big cousin? Was he the oldest or tallest? Can’t figure that one out:P

  2. I thought there for a minute that you were saying that the cows or the combine might be MR. G… good thing I kept reading! 🙂

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