Occupation? Chaperon!

Worked at the berry farm today for 6 and a half hours. My body just might actually be getting used to this! I’m not too terribly sore … unless I move the wrong way! I wanted to keep working, though. It’s not often you get a cool day like today, or company like April to make the work interesting! Came home for supper, then went out and mowed the neighbor’s lawn till it was nearly dark. Yep, I am one tired girl! I will sleep like a rock tonight.

Odd funny memory from our trip to the mountains with the Bunnett kids: We had arrived late at night, and were sitting in the living room visiting with our hostess. She turned to my brother and asked, “So, what is your occupation?” I had to choke back responding for him: “Chaperon!!!” You see, one of my highlights of that trip was the many chaperons who kept an eye on Nesser and I. It was all a big joke, and provided many many laughs throughout the week. Most days we had four — Andrew, Sanderly, Kay, & April. THEN there were the days we had waaaaay more! Like the day we hiked to the river with a couple of Nesser’s friends, and took the kids with us. That made 11 chaperons in all — and believe me, they thoroughly enjoyed their job! They sent us back to the truck the same way we came, with the little boys, because they were going back along the cliff’s edge. Fussed a little about sending us back on our own — without one of our precious chaperons. Nesser told them little kids make the best chaperons anyway — they tell anything they see!

On the last day, I wanted a picture with Nesser at the spot where we’d spent a lot of time talking through some things and praying. Well, when we headed out the door with our photographer in tow … we were followed by a string of our chaperons who proceeded to stick to us like glue and crowd into the picture with us. So, here we all are!


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