September 1, 2008 ~ Monday

I cried this morning, upon arriving at my first destination in the east.  Why?  I needed to burn a CD on Friday, so I put one into my laptop, and proceeded to burn.  Hmm.  It wouldn’t acknowledge the fact that there WAS a CD in the burner-thing-a-ma-bob.  I tried to eject it and re-insert it, but it wouldn’t even let me take it out.  Oh well, I’ll get a brother to look at it later.  In the busyness of rehearsals, weddings, good-byes, and good times, I completely forgot until just hours before I was to leave.  Timothy looked at it.  Couldn’t get it.  Happened to stop by a computer store, so we ran in and talked to the people at the “Geek center.”  They tried and tried and poked and prodded and fiddled and it wouldn’t budge an inch.  The guy told us I’d have to send it back to Toshiba to have it replaced ($250ish) or I could buy an external DVD/CD drive ($90ish).  Well, I can’t send my laptop away for weeks, ’cause I need it, and I didn’t really want to pay $90 for something I didn’t really NEED and could do without.

Walked out of the store quite discouraged.  I could work around not having the DVD/CD drive, but it would be a lot of hassle transferring things to other people’s computers to burn.  Wished I HAD bought the 8 GB jumpdrive Timothy was trying to talk me into buying earlier.  Sighed.  Computer problems are not fun.  Especially when I was already stressed, and just a few hours away from flying to the other end of the country, and VERY far away from my techies — my brothers.  Prayed and asked God to please fix my computer, or send me someone who would, without too much expense.

Got on the plane.  4 brutal hours later (night flights are NOT fun!) I arrived at my destination.  Found a plug-in and set up my laptop.  So I’m fiddling around with it, making sure the outlet actually has juice, and my laptop is running on power, not battery, when suddenly I notice — my CD drive has popped open!  I cried.

God, You are so cool! Truly, He DOES care about the details of my life!


5 thoughts on “September 1, 2008 ~ Monday

  1. ahhhh – that’s the stuff I wanted to hear… the details! that sounds like you! your IM didn’t! feel like I’m missing you all over again… not sure why. We’re still all too far away from each other!

    God is awesome that way! Have I ever told you about me, God, and alarm clocks? probably have – I seem to have told you all my stories! 🙂

    Love you!

  2. Wow. Cool! And you didn’t have to pay 90 or 250 or whatever else they would have tried charging…! Sorry I forgot to look at it. Y’know, I even forgot to download all the pics from Tim’s hard-drive to my computer at Uncle James’s. Really bad considering my intentions to put together a powerpoint including the different ministeries I’ve been a part of and intend to be a part of. Still trying to figure out best way of getting them. Talk to you later.

  3. So…… is facebook where I would have to go to keep tabs on you? I am quessing that…. since I don’t see you here very often any more 😦 ….Oh well…..face book is still not for me… missing your posts….. Do you feel guilty? … GOOD!!!:)

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