A brief hi

HI!  Yes, I still exist.  And life almost seems to possibly be calming down???  I’ve been in my room for longer than 5 minutes at a time today anyway!  We had a “getting to know each other” session today, for the friendship.  Those of us on student council (I am the secretary/treasurer for the senior class this year — except I delegated the “treasurer” part to Melody, our social convener [no, I don’t know how to spell that properly]) were very involved in today’s session, doing skits and stuff, and then also us RAs (I am also an RA this year — Lynne & I are co-RAs).  It was a pile of fun.  I didn’t know there was a part of me that actually enjoyed being on stage in front of people, doing drama, no less, but it was great fun!

It was fun to play piano for church this morning and evening again.  It was good to get back into it.

Going to bed so I can actually function tomorrow…classes start tomorrow, and settling into a routine is a welcome thought.


3 thoughts on “A brief hi

  1. I woulda thunk! 🙂 and I agree! I wanna see it!!!! Will you be on youtube soon?!

    You’ll be a great RA! You ARE a great RA!

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